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MDNL0001-Love simple atmosphere small night light

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1. Aromatherapy night light
Most of the aromatherapy night lights on the market are made of ceramics, and they also have carved night lights, dyed night lights, like aroma night lights, will put a ceramic or a small dish with a design groove on the top, so You can put in some essential oils, so as to achieve the effect of aromatherapy so that there is a light fragrance in the room.
2. Pat the night light
This hand-shot night light uses gravity to turn on the night light. It is more suitable to be placed on a bedside table or a desk. The brightness of the switch and the light is adjusted mainly through the sense of contact with the human body.
3. Induction night light
The induction night light is more suitable for use in modern homes. It is better to place it next to the computer or the bedside so that the brightness or switch of the light can be directly adjusted by the human touch. The sensor night light on the market is very exquisite and creative in design, and it is also particularly fashionable. It can be used as interior decoration, and it is also energy-saving and electricity-saving, so it is loved by people.



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