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MDWL0001-LED Modern Glass Wall Lamp

LED modern glass wall lamp.  The lamp body is solid and smooth, glass metal material, atmospheric appearance.  High-quality metal plating process, quality witness strength, high-quality glass lampshade, to create a unique shape, delicate material.

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Product details: LED retro bar lamp.  The lamp body is solid and smooth, the lampshade is moderate in size, exquisite in texture, and made of aluminum alloy, shaping the appearance of atmosphere.

Product Features:

1. Simple fashion, texture and beauty.
2. Uniform smooth surface irradiation to meet the needs of different environments.
3. No flash, no glare, strong heat dissipation, long life, energy saving, electricity saving, environmental protection, eye protection, low power consumption, high efficiency, can be lit for a long time, easy installation, low maintenance rate, not broken, high brightness, high temperature resistance, water resistance, green environmental protection, low voltage, high safety, light weight, small size, no solder joint.

Product Parameters:

Nome da marca: SerRickDon
Certificado: NONE
Tem lâmpadas incluídas: Sim
Origem: CN (Origem)
Direção da sombra: Para baixo
Aplicação: Quarto de dormir
É regulável: Sim
Cutomizado: Sim
Base: E27
Tensão: 220V
Fonte de energia: DC
Interruptor: Botão do interruptor
Material do Corpo: Vidro
cor: Dourado
Tipo de sombra: vidro transparente
Número do modelo: 001
Fonte de luz: Fluorescente
Estilo: Moderno
Características: Safety
Utilização: Iluminação diária
Técnicas: banhado
Material: Pedra de vidro
Certificado: CCC
Tipo de instalação: Montado na parede
Tipo de Item: Lâmpadas de parede
Garantia: NO
Número de fontes de luz: 1
Área de iluminação: medidores 5-10square
Dispositivo smart: YES
Weight: 1300g

Power: 3W
Size: 22*9cm
Dimensions: 103* 103*35mm
Weight: 400g

Application and after-sales Service:

Used in bars, living rooms, restaurants, opening ceremony, employee welfare, awards, anniversary celebrations, advertising and promotion, festivals, trade fairs, housewarming public relations planning, birthdays, business gifts, home furnishing places, corridors, leisure and entertainment places, exhibition halls, corridors, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms
One year warranty

Application and after-sales Service:

Application in living room, bedroom, bathroom, outdoor decoration, hotel lobby.

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