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MDNL1001-Led Cosmic Panel Decorated With

LED cosmic panel decorated with . There’s chaos in space. There are worms eating the stars. Insatiable, chewing, sprinkling residue. Transform into nebulae, choking the stars. The planet is aging; the affiliated planet is ignorant. The gears of time bite the axis of fate, the prince of the asteroid. Writing an unsigned letter to his lover, the star that lights the lamp once every hour. There is a busy lamplighter, the scholar, on his planet. Writing about the destruction of the universe, a politician in his country. Announced that all the planets would be taxed, and huge colonies of bacteria sprouted from the black hole. Clogging the worm’s hungry pores, the bacteria are swallowed into the abdomen. Stomach acid, mucous membranes, meteorites falling in the asteroid belt. There are anonymous travelers, hanging from the corners of their eyes to see the universe jokes.

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Product details

LED cosmic panel decorated with . You’re a big living thing. All planets, all living things, are part of you. The earth is your brain; the sun is your heart. Human is your cell, human birth, and death. It’s the normal metabolism of your cell, the human being of the cell. You never will. You know everything. You can never guess the meaning of your thoughts and your existence. No matter what happens to life on earth you will always be here.

Product features

1.LED lamp long life, battery power, an endurance of 6000 hours
2.LED lamps are more environmentally friendly than traditional incandescent lamps, without the harmful substance of mercury.
3.The LED does not flicker. Pure DC operation eliminates the visual fatigue caused by the traditional light source stroboscopic
4.Environmental protection, energy saving, electricity-saving, environmental protection, long life, no flash, no dazzling

Product Parameters

Brand Name: Ser RickDon
Certification: CE
Certification: TGA .
Origin: CN(Origin)
Power Source: Dry Battery
Item Type: Beads
Lamp cap specification: E14
Shell material: Plastic
Shape: Round
Certification: DOT
Certification: UL
Voltage: 36V
Waterproof: NO
Life: 10000h
Input voltage: 36V
Size: 20*23*14cm

Application and After-Sales Service

Used in bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, opening ceremony, staff benefits, award commemoration, anniversary celebration, advertising promotion, festivals, trade fairs, housewarming pr planning, birthday, business gifts, home places, corridors, leisure and entertainment places, exhibition halls, corridors, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms
One year warranty


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