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1.The company’s development history and other basic information
For 13 years, we insist on providing the best lighting products and perfect service for our customers.
2.Introduction of the company’s factory

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3.The company operates a series of products
Table lamp, chandelier, night lamp, wall lamp, lamp post, fan lamp, outdoor lamp, festival lamp, etc
4.Scope of application:
Used in bedroom, living room, dining room, study, corridor, corridor, home place, leisure and entertainment place, exhibition hall, hotel lobby, hotel room, outdoor and other places
Application: home, ceremony, outdoor lighting, etc
5.Obtained qualification, certification, patent UL CE certificate, etc. :
6.Production equipment:
Wave soldering, automatic patch machine, aging frame and all kinds of lighting testing equipment.

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7.Introduction of regional market and achievements of product sales:
8.Since the establishment of the export department in 2017, the lighting products are exported to Europe and America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and are favored by the majority of customers, especially the night lights are widely welcomed in Southeast Asia, and the lamps and chandeliers have a place in the European and American markets.

9.Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service introduction
Sales service introduction
“Customer satisfaction” is our pursuit of the direction, the service is not only handling and maintenance, more is urgent customers urgent, want customers think, for customers to solve problems. Our company provides you with a variety of quality products at the same time, but also to provide you with quality service, and we provide products to you have already started our services, this is our sales service, including to provide you with the necessary business and technical services. And according to the specific requirements of this contract to make appropriate adjustments, this is our company’s perfect sales service system.
Introduction of in-sale service
In the process of product manufacturing, we invite the relevant technical personnel of users to our company to observe the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and provide the relevant technical personnel of users with the product inspection standards and inspection results.
After-sales Service Introduction
In order to provide you with speedy, sincere and satisfactory service, we hereby introduce to you:
I. Testing and delivery
Before the product leaves the factory, our company conducts a comprehensive performance test on the product, and provides a written product test report, instruction manual and certificate of quality. At the time of delivery, if desired, we will work with you to confirm the overall quality of the product, testing if necessary, until you are satisfied.
Second, the training
According to your requirements, our company will train your technical personnel and operation and maintenance personnel during the equipment installation, debugging and acceptance, and bear the costs.
Third, the warranty
(1)According to your requirements, our warranty period is two years. During this period, the company will provide free repair service for any damage or failure to work due to the quality of manufacturing under the condition that you comply with the various requirements in the specification. After the warranty period, if the parts fail, we will sell them to you at the cost of the parts.
(2)Our maintenance organization has enough parts to meet your maintenance needs.
(3)After the warranty period, we will still provide you with timely, high-quality and preferential services.